Hasted Kraeutler



Through May 25, 2014, the Théâtre de la Photographie et de l’Image in Nice will present the exhibition Une Introspection by Jean-Paul Goude. As Alain Sayag points out in introduction to the event, “this exhibition only makes sense as a narrative… It is indeed an ‘introspection’ because every Jean-Paul Goude exhibition is a personal narrative. Not because his life is ‘like a novel’ (as the trite expression has it), but because the path he has taken is exemplary of its time.” With 236 photographs and a film made specifically for this exhibition, this exhibition differs from previous ones. Perhaps because of its layout or the environment, it seems to give the photographs a more prominent place.

The 52-minute recreates the world and style of Goude’s multifaceted body of work. He has expressed himself through photography, film, drawing, image doctoring, music, filmmaking, events, posters and video. I hope he won’t hold it against us if we overlook a few fantasies the world that Edgar Morin first described as “feeling” before inventing the term “Goudemalion” to refer to this “manipulator” behind Grace Jones, the “Style Beur” and the “Kodakettes.”

For the past thirty years, the characters created by Jean-Paul Goude, says Alain Sayag, “continue to undermine the rules of representation… They are now a part of our Pantheon.” The exhibition in Nice reminds of these timeless icons, reflections of an era.

Jean-Paul Goude, "Une Introspection"
Until May, 25 2014
Théâtre de la Photographie et de l'Image
27, Boulevard Dubouchage

10 am - 6 pm
+33 (0)4 97 13 42 20