Hasted Kraeutler




21_21 DESIGN SIGHT holds an exhibition titled "Image-Makers", inviting Hélène Kelmachter, curator and expert of Japan-France cultural exchange, as exhibition director.
To invent a world of images and fantasy, to cross diverse fields of creation and then to drive people elsewhere far from here while telling them about the world of today... Sharing such a vision, image-makers in Japan and abroad gather in this exhibition to reveal their extraordinarily visionary works.

Jean-Paul Goude, known as an outstanding image-maker, has always been redesigning, metamorphosing and enchanting the world since the 1970's in his capacity as creator of advertising images, illustrator, designer and inventor of dreams and hybrid artworks. His sophisticated but powerful images have become icons and his singular aesthetics have been recognized throughout the world, influencing countless numbers of creators.

The exhibition also has other participants who are all working in the same image-maker spirit as Goude: Jun Miyake, Robert Wilson, David Lynch, Noritaka Tatehana and Photographer Hal. Their works - photographs, drawings, video installations and kinetic sculptures - as well as their creation processes, which have close links with the worlds of fashion, performance, design and cinema, will provide visitors with multiple perspectives, enabling them to embark on a journey into an imaginary world in a moment.

There should be no definitions for design and art; there is a real need for unconventional ideas free from worn-out methods of expression and beyond the boundaries of disciplines. This is the way to enable world-shakingly fascinating works to see the light of day, which broaden horizons and break down barriers between fields, is it not? Demonstrating that any classification is unnecessary for creations, the exhibition "Image-Makers" certainly offers visitors an evocative experience, awaking a sense of wonder and innocent feelings of joy that they used to find as a child.