Hasted Kraeutler




Reviewed in the New York Times, the newly released Taschen book of photographs of the Rolling Stones, features photographs by Hasted Kraeutler's Albert Watson, along with Annie Leibovitz, Ethan Russell, David Bailey, Gered Mankowitz and Anton Corbijn.

The article details one of the photoshoots between Albert Watson and Mick Jagger:

"... Mr. Watson was in Los Angeles to photograph Mr. Jagger for Rolling Stone magazine’s 25th-anniversary issue. For the shoot, Mr. Jagger was to sit in the driver’s seat of a Corvette next to a leopard. Because the animal proved hard to control, a clear partition had to be built in the car to protect Mr. Jagger.

The session lasted 2 hours 20 minutes and produced two celebrated images, one of which is in the book: a black-and-white photo that shows Mr. Jagger looking ahead with one hand on the steering wheel, while the leopard next to him appears to be staring at the rearview mirror.

“Mick was very calm and said he even knew a lot about leopards and panthers and used the word dangerous,” Mr. Watson recalled. “We wanted to go with a surreal idea of having him with a wild leopard rather than having him drive around with a beautiful woman or band members. Also, when you think of him in concert, you think of him as being catlike in his moves.” "