Hasted Kraeutler




Twins, New York, 1979

Hasted Kraeutler's Jean-Paul Goude's photograph Twins, New York, 1979 will be exhibited in Icon(s) at Maison Particuliére art center in Brussels, Belgium, from April 23 - July 5, 2015.

From Maison Particuliére's press release:

Emblematic figure, venerated image, status of an idol or a powerful mental representation – an icon embodies the deep soul of an era, its timeless character.

Interpreting our times and questioning the semantic function of the icon, this exhibition aims to present and highlight the confrontations and analogies between contemporary and ancient icons.

These icons are an endless source of inspiration for contemporary artists, who reinterpret and reclaim them to create new images, new icons – while being iconoclastic.

As such, the emblematic artistic duo Pierre et Gilles, whose work finds inspiration in the imaginary of their personal fantasies, while echoing ours, regardless of the era, flawlessly symbolizes Icon(s). The works they have personally chosen for this art exhibition embrace the last twenty years, giving the public a wide overview of their many talents.

Maison Particulière also invited four couples of art collectors who are passionate about ancient and religious art, as well as contemporary art and comics. It is a rare opportunity to see such diverse artworks exhibited together, to provoke surprising dialogues and to link pieces depicting and/or dealing with the
religious icons, the heroes of the Antiquity with those
of our times.

The literary guest is a key figure to Icon(s). Jean-Claude Simoën, publisher and founder of the Dictionnaires amoureux collection at Plon, appears to be the perfect combination of curiosity andvast knowledge; a mind that could adapt itself with intelligence and humor to the artworks selected by the participants, be they artists or art collectors.

Additionally, Icon(s) had to be suggested by a perfume, a scent, an olfactory sensation. Luc Gabriel, the President and artistic director of The Different Company, has, for the past few months, enhanced each theme at Maison Particulière with a scent selected among the collection of fragrances of this Maison de Parfums. The perception of Icon(s) is thus highlighted by “the mysticism of Frankincense, the Orient of Cedar, the boldness of Pepper and the softness of Wood…”

Icon(s), as most of the themes displayed in Maison Particulière, is vast and can be interpreted in numerous ways; however, emotions, both subjective and partial, personal and individual, are at the heart of the approach. To choose is a delicate matter; for each participant, choosing is an act of commitment.