Hasted Kraeutler




Erwin Olaf, Troy Portrait, 2007

From the Frances foundation:

In 2015, the Frances Foundation honors the Dutch artist ERWIN OLAF.

The 16th Exhibition about the work of the artist in two stages, one dedicated to aesthetics "LIGHT BOX", the other to the human comedy "JUKE BOX".

LIGHT BOX will present works from the GRIEF series, HOPE, SEPARATION, RAIN
and ROYAL BLOOD. Immersion into the artist's world will give an understanding of his treatment of light and artistic influences.

LIGHT BOX is an exhibition that teaches to see the light.

The light surrounding these scenes is finally the end to escape, an energy announcing the hope that is never far away. Erwin Olaf is inspired by great names in the history of art, artists who have made an unrivaled knowledge of the use of light in the image: Mannerist artists, baroque and Dutch seventeenth century such as Johannes Vermeer using the "camera obscura," a "box" of light to compose his paintings, but also Rembrandt, to modern and contemporary artists such as Edward Hopper American, Norman Rockwell and James Casebere. His photographic frames capture the essence of life, humanity transcending into a world which is yet no relation to reality. It is difficult to project in his film sets, it is ultimately the feelings that correspond to our realities.

Pessimistic reflections of our contemporary societies and vector disillusioned emotions, photographs of Erwin Olaf are narrative works that expire tension and wear to a saving energy fighting the image of which is never far away. LIGHT BOX offers a dialogue with other works in the collection, they argue, and add to the understanding of the Work entire Erwin Olaf and also reveal the artist's inspirations in art history .

The exhibition will run from March 21 - August 31, 2015