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Erwin Olaf will have a solo exhibition, El Imperio de la Ilusón, at the Museo Castagnino in Argentina beginning April 30 through August 3, 2015.

Curated by Paco Barragán

Loneliness, uncertainty and discomfort are the main subjects in contemporary Dutch artist's, Erwin Olaf's, addresses in this exhibition.

Through photographs and videos, the artist puts us in the perspective of a voyeur, with a privileged view into private and semi-private spaces of the inhabitants of the city. The Spanish curator Paco Barragán has selected eight videos and twenty photographs by the artist from 2004 to the present. These pieces have social narratives complex, fragmented and "liquid" according to the curator, portraying the alienation of individuals under the weight of taboos and social conventions.

Since the 90s, Olaf has stood for explicit and controversial works that refer to sex, desire, beauty and violence. The artist is a representative of what is often called staged photography. In this exhibition, Olaf presents scenes around three main themes: family and school; policy and subject; representing social, political and moral structures of our reality.