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Jean-Paul Goude

Oct 01, 2006

Though he is considered one of the most influential image-makers of the past 25 years, Jean-Paul Goude is not being self-deprecating when he says he doesn't consider himself "a real photographer."  Even before Photoshop, Goude was manipulating images for his signature surreael distortions, most of them of his muse (and the mother of his first child) Grace Jones.  The work took its toll on the relationship.  "A French philosopher called me 'Goudemalion,'" he says.  "Pygmalion falls in love with a statue, and the statue comes alive.  I fall in love with live people and attempt to make statues out of them."  His personal life still pervades his work, as his 2005 monograph, "So Far So Goude" (Assouline ), the final chapter of which is devoted to his wife, Karen.  For his T portfolio (Page 264), his first fashion assignment in nearly three years, he plays with a real-life doll, the model Audrey Marnay.