Vogue Girl Korea

Who is Who

Apr 01, 2007

By Lee Kyung Ah

His works look like those from the northern renaissance period, featuring an everyday household setting as the set with a posing nude with delicate shadows and lighting caressing the figure’s curves. While it may look like a work from the past, it is actually contemporary British photographer Jeff Bark’s work.

The connection between photography and illustration as well as the emphasis on composition is carefully placed by painstakingly selecting methods and focusing on every minor detail to create the desired image. The time it takes to compose his set takes just as long as the time it takes to pass the image through production at his studio. His craft is not about taking the perfect shot at the right ‘moment’, but more about working on an image to its perfection.

A hint of unpure city light streaks across a smooth and bland green surface, and the dirty curtain reminds the viewer of an asphault jungle. His work recalls the vibe and notions of 1950’s urban America.

In the past twenty years, Jeff Bark has been featured in a number of internationally recognized magazine publications for his fashion photography, which he is now successfully departing from to focus on art for art photography. His new series titled, “Abandon” has been receiving a warm reception, especially his work, “Untitled (Plug)” (2006).