The New Yorker

Dec 11, 2007

These black-and-white photographs of public and private interiors appear to be deadpan documents of the sort that you might find in a failing suburban real-estate office. They zero in on areas or objects that are, in Cohen’s words, “incongruous or pathetic”: a crudely patched Naugahyde couch, a stack of televisions alongside a curved wall of glass bricks, a child’s chair and a Colonel Sanders figurine on checkerboard linoleum. This smartly edited selection of pictures from the past thirty years emphasizes Cohen’s starker, wittier work and suggests that she be seen in the company of such shrewd observers of the everyday as William Eggleston, Ed Ruscha, and Stephen Shore. Through Dec. 22. (Hasted Hunt, 529 W. 20th St. 212-627-0006.)