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The Canarian Artist Rómulo Celdrán, SWAB Award 2011

Jun 08, 2011

Rómulo Celdrán won the 2011 SWAB award for his work Zoom, a series of drawings in which he explored “the vast world of objects.”

Rómulo Celdrán, born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has won the SWAB award at the International Contemporary Art Fair 2011, which took place in Barcelona from May 26-29. An international jury consisting of John Twomey (London, Collector), Marina Diez-Cascón (Director of SWAB), Alicia Ventura (Advisory DKV) and Fernando Romero (Adviser to the MoMA-Museum of Modern Art in New York) awarded him the prize unanimously.

The artist explains on his website the concept of this series: Zoom. The work is a set of drawings done in pencil and acrylic on cardboard that seek to explore, according to the artist, “the extensive world of things that interest me for various reasons, ranging from the aesthetic to the plastic, functional and even emotional, always from a different perspective.“ Macro, its counterpart, was created in the field of sculpture. The artist explains, “resize the object, enhance its presence and explore; discover hidden spaces, places unnoticed. Breaking the laws of physics that govern our logic as observers and place us in a world that is growing, walk around in a reality of useful objects rendered useless by the inadequacy of his size when they are not on a human scale.”