Photograph Monthly

Nov 01, 2011

In Jeff Bark’s new series “Lucifer Falls”, the artist reveals a very obsessive compulsive tendency towards representing scenery and the human form. The images he depicts are conceived in his dreams, then he uses elements of reality to recall these dreams. An image with lush green forestation and a waterfall white as milk has a surreal vibe to it, a sense that it is not reality. Jeff Bark takes scenery that can be typically found in cheap calenders and goes one step further and adds a different dimension to the images. To make his images even more mysterious, Bark takes covert, small figures and inserts them in nooks and crevices of a larger scene. These figures do not seem like real people, but small animals or soul spirits. This is the way in which the artist takes a common scenery and turns it into a scene of magic and wonder.

The location is actually a national park located between New York and Canada. Cornell University is located nearby, and many students gather at this park. It is for this reason that the artist especially emphasized the aura of the scenery itself.