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Black and White Contrast

Sep 01, 2013

Nathan Harger: Black and White Contrast
By Lee Ji Hyun

Photographer Nathan Harger’s exhibition begins September 11th. He uses industrialized cities as his subjects, taking images of common landscapes such as freeways, factories, cranes, cars, planes, and other objects used for commercial purposes.

Harger’s work is characterized by the strong contrast between black and white, and his use of a unique visual design is emphasized by the use of black and white photography. The strong contrast eliminates the complex background, and the negative space appears as white as snow. As a result, the monochromatic contrast draws out a more significant figural form. His works are representative of the city’s industrial facilities, but omits the original functional roles. Upon a closer look, the cold, pure-white feel of the images fade, and the powerful dark lines of the images surface. The strength and energy present in his images are similar to that in oriental painting, and it gives his work an innovative and fresh charismatic appeal.

For his solo exhibition, Harger traveled to Korea for the first time. He plans on working on new material during his visit. The big cities in Korea are differet than the big city of New York, and I anticipate the fresh feel of the images he may take in our country. I am curious as to how he will portray Korea, and I am excited for his future work. Harger’s work attracts our eyes and our hearts, and is on display at Gallery K.O.N.G. until October 10th