The Korea Economic Daily

A Car That Drives On the White Lanes

Sep 11, 2013

by Shin Kyung Hoon

Cars drive along white lanes on the asphalt ground. These photographs were taken from a single vantage point, and arranged by the artist’s design. The black asphalt and white car lanes, as well as the photographs and the negative space between the photographs result in a multi-dimensional geometric pattern. This is the work of American photographer Nathan Harger.

This is the method Harger uses to take photographs of the city. Harger photographs the modern industrial society by depicting highways, factories, and cranes in black and white. Although artists often have a critical view of the city, Harger’s camera does not. Born in today’s modern society, Harger has an individual unique sense which his work translates. With a cool and stylish demeanor, Harger depicts views of the city in exquisite taste. His work is on display at Gallery K.O.N.G. until October 10, 2013.