Arte Fuse


Feb 25, 2014

by Oscar Laluyan

HASTED KRAEUTLER has the most extensive collection and representation of artistic photography. Sometimes they throw in something different in the mix and transcend their brand as a gallery that has a niche in art photography. Their latest show with the sculptor / artist RÓMULO CELDRÁN featured larger than life scale of sculptures and drawings of mundane objects found in his daily life. It may be an obvious reference but there is nothing simplistic about the intricate detail and playful theme of his work. Be it a spilled can of paint, pencil shavings, and little bits of objects that it brought to pause all the everyday things we take for granted. It took an artist of deft skill to focus our attention on the symbolism of such objects and the amplified scale just drove it on home. There is wonder and  a plethora of intricate ideas with the everyday. It just has to be brought into the light and that’s why we have artists like RÓMULO CELDRÁN that take on the simple ideas to big possibilities.

RÓMULO CELDRÁN / On View: February 13 – April 12, 2014

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (11 am to 6 pm)

HASTED KRAEUTLER. 537 West 24th Street. NYC, NY 10011