The New Yorker

Jeff Bark

May 17, 2014

by Vince Aletti

Goings on about town: Art

These big color photographs of a handsome young dude sunbathing in what looks like a neglected, trash-strewn back yard in L.A. were actually made in the artist’s New York garage—an installation that is partially re-created in the gallery, complete with dead palms and live parakeets. If there’s a narrative here, it’s deliberately vague. Is the guy (seen counting cash and wearing nothing but a towel) a hustler, a dealer, or just a bored slacker? Bark is more interested in atmosphere than psychology, bathing his scenes in a sticky, golden light and relishing every pungent detail, from the scorched grass to the dripping sweat. Through June 14.

April 24 – June 14

537 W. 24th St., New York, NY