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The Gypsies photographed by Pierre Gonnord

Mar 29, 2015

From March 5 to April 25, 2015 at Hasted Kraeutler in New York there is an exhibition with photographs taken by French photographer Pierre Gonnord of nomads who live on the border between Spain and Portugal, gathered in the project The Dream Goes Over Time.

Gonnord was born in 1963 and lives in Madrid. He was inspired by the great Spanish painters of the past, from Ribera to Velázquez, to make these portraits, and he wanted to document the people who live on the margins of society; miners, travelers, and immigrants. Gonnord explained:

“The people of the ghettos, in the suburbs of the city, fleeing from a globalized world from which they feel rejected ... settle with nothing more than what they have on the back and a dog as the only traveling companion, embarking for a Grand Tour as nomads, with no return ticket, turning his back to a world that they do not care anymore.”