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Spa, 2000

Hasted Hunt is pleased to announce Lynne Cohen – Mixed Messages, large format color photographs of building interiors.  The exhibition opens February 23, 2006 and runs through April 8, 2006. 

There will be a reception for the artist on Thursday, March 4 from 6 to 8 PM. 

This show marks long overdue return to New York City after a five-year absence and the debut of her ravishing color work.  Lynne Cohen has had a long and distinguished career in which she has been best known for her spare black and white studies of military installations, classrooms, laboratories, building lobbies, offices and other gathering spots – emptied of people. 

All the formal considerations of her earlier work are further amplified with her investigation of color.  Cohen finds startling resonance in a single color or small spectrum of yellows or pinks, dark green against brown and most especially, her intoxicating blue.

The prints are immaculately realized and presented.  They seem scaled to actual room size although this is an illusion.   

Her “Spa”, 2000 is a stunning major recent acquisition of the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, the city where she is lives and works.   Cohen is American born and educated.  She has a number of museum exhibitions currently scheduled internationally.  In 2006 alone she will have solo shows in Germany, Austria, Canada, France, Spain and the US.   Her work is included the collections of most major museums including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art. 

Her books include Camouflage (Le Point du Jour 2005), No Man’s Land (Thames & Hudson, 2001) and Occupied Territory (Aperture, 1988). 

This is her debut with Hasted Hunt. 

For visuals or more information, contact Sarah Hasted or WM Hunt at the gallery info@hastedhunt.com.




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Mar 08, 2006