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Hasted Hunt is pleased  to announce the international gallery debut of Jean-Paul Goude, So Far So Goude.  The exhibition consists of photographs and drawings by Mr. Goude, and it opens on January 4, 2007 and runs through February 17, 2007.  There will a reception for the artist on Thursday, January 11th from 6 to 8 PM.

Jean-Paul Goude, best known as the man who “created” Grace Jones, has been one of the greatest contemporary imaginations and seminal taste makers since the 1970’s.  The Hasted Hunt exhibition is being produced in conjunction with his book So Far So Goude (Assouline 2005) which chronicles his artistic journey not only as a photographer but also as major creative force in the US and Europe.

For more than thirty years, through drawing, poster design, photography, cinema, video, and event design, Jean-Paul Goude has made an impression, in every sense, on our imagination.  From the fops of the ‘60’s to the legendary Esquire magazine of the following decade, from the New York of Andy Warhol and mixed cultures, to Grace Jones for whom he was Pygmalion, for the spectacular Bicentennial Parade in Paris in 1989 to the celebration of “Style Beur” (Arab Style”), from ads for Kodak and Chanel (Egoiste) to working with the latest supermodels – Goude has triumphantly captured, time after time, the spirit of his age.   --From the overleaf of So Far So Goude

Staging models and working with basic tools - literally an exacto blade, paste, and paint - and without computers, he anticipated the current age of Photoshop and made possible a generation of contemporary artists like David LaChappelle, Philip-Lorca di Corcia and Anthony Goicolea.

Fresh, fantastic, and fabulous, Jean-Paul Goude is a unique artist for both the 20th and 21st centuries.  His theatricality and use of scale and color are fueled by his feverish imagination.  Recent projects include a fashion spread for The New York Times Magazine and installation at Azzedine Alaia in Paris.  Goude’s talent is further distinguished by his appreciation of and love for a line of beautiful women that has ranged from Toukie Smith, Grace Jones, Farida to his Korean-American wife Karen (“The Queen of Seoul”).  He lives and works in Paris.

For visuals, interviews or more information contact the gallery at info@hastedhunt.com, or press@hastedhunt.com


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