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James Casebere’s Landscape with Houses (Dutchess County, NY) #8, 2010

Hasted Kraeutler is pleased to announce Great Photographs : Scape, the gallery’s third annual Great Photographs of the 20th Century exhibition. This recurring program is an opportunity for collectors and the public to view important, rare, and vintage photographs that would usually be restricted to a museum setting. For the first time, this year’s curation will also include works by some of the most influential contemporary artists working today.

Scape, explores the surrealist landscape, works dealing with the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur, often hyperreal. The exhibition will include iconic contemporary examples of the genre, such as Clifford Ross’ epic photograph of monumental, Mountain XIII, 2006, and James Casebere’s, Landscape with Houses (Dutchess County, NY) #8, 2010, a fictional landscape of a bucolic neighborhood in exaggerated colors. Meanwhile, Patrick Jacobs’ meticulously hand assembled miniature circular dioramas which depict desolate and subtle scenes, such as in, Window with View of the Gowanus Heights, 2012, redefine the idea of landscape.

Scape, explores various artists’ interpretation of the classic subject of landscape over the centuries and will feature some of the earliest landscape photographs, created by William Henry Jackson, who was commissioned to document the scenery along the railroad routes and in national parks in the late 1800’s. Also included are images by masters of photography, Ansel Adams, Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, & Koyo Okada.

For visuals or more information please contact the gallery at info@hastedkraeutler.com or 212-627-0006.

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